March 9

Winter needs to go!!

We really need some wonderful weather!  It has been on and off cold here, it is very difficult to get up off the couch and get outside because one day its 70, the next day its 20.  Of course if we take advantage of the 70 degree days it will help to relieve any depression and cabin fever we have been experiencing. We have to get ourselves motivated to get up and get out!  Get moving!  Now that the time has changed we are supposed to have more daylight at the end of the day.  We can get outside, work in the yard, walk in the neighborhood, dance on the grass…..the grass is still a little dead but hopefully the closer we get to spring, the greener that will get! We need the sunshine!  it will decrease depression, increase warmth!  You know that feeling of cold that just goes down to the bone??  Sunshine will help to alleviate that too!  Plus we need vitamin D that you can get from the sun!  Just 10 minutes of unprotected sun in the summer time is all you need to help your body produce vitamin D.  The older we get the more we need. According to USNEWS.COM, vitamin D will protect us from many health issues such as……….osteoporosis, heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer……..and as mentioned before decreased depression and insomnia!!  So what’s not to love about the sunshine??  They also say that the benefits of the sunshine far out weighs the risks.  The worry is skin cancer with unprotected sun, however all you need to 10 minutes.  10 minutes!!  That’s it. So to me, that is a little bit of incentive to get up and get out!!  Get outside!! Come on you can do this!!  I know you can!!  It’ll be good for you!