July 3

Getting Started





Hi!  Everyone,

I am finally back!  I have not blogged in quite a few weeks because I have been very busy with a backyard project  See Pictures above.  In the before picture you can see how the backyard was and how it looks now.  My daughter was getting married and we decided our backyard would be the perfect spot. However, as you can see, it was a disaster!!  So we put in a patio with a fire pit & a deck.  I am standing on the deck to take the after photo.  We had a great time building this, the wedding went well, we got a lot of great compliments, BUT, I am glad it is done.  It was a lot of hard work.  My exercise program for the last 10 weeks or so has been hauling pavers, digging flower beds, hauling wheelbarrows of top soil, swinging a hammer and doing a lot of yard work.  Now its time to get back to my “regular” exercise program.

I do believe that as long as you are up and moving it is a good thing!  So the activity I have been involved in can still be counted as exercise or good activity, but I can not keep up that kind of a pace all the time.  It is very stressful on the body, and can burn you out quickly.

Today I am going to write some pointers for beginners from an article I read lately.  Wish I had found this article before now, but hey, better late than never right??

This article called “Beginners Guide to Getting Started With an Exercise Program”  found in Health Radar, which is a health publication that I subscribe to.  It always has some good pointers and I thought this one was very good for this blog.


If you’ve reached the point of deciding to get into shape, you already have taken a HUGE step toward a better you.  You have already found your motivation, whether it is losing weight, becoming healthier, or looking better (who doesn’t want to do that??) people who know why they are exercising tend to be the most successful.

But how to get started?  Here are a few ruled that not only will help you to avoid the beginners’ biggest mistakes, but will also allow you to get the most out of whatever you decided to do.  You’ll have fun, reap more benefits, and most importantly, make it last.  before you do anything else, make sure you have your doctor’s clearance.  Now you’re ready to go.

#1)  Choose a sport that goes well with your current physical condition and is not complicated to do or organize.  Of course, the simplest thing to do is to open your front door and go for a walk.  But there are many more options.  If you have access to a pool, swimming is a superb exercise for beginners.  Bike riding is also excellent.  What I cannot recommend is buying a set of dumbbells and start lifting weights.  It might be good for later, but first go to a gym and have someone show you the basics.  Learning good technique is crucial when lifting weights so that you don’t injure yourself. (don’t be afraid to find someone to show you good technique, this is a very beneficial form of exercise)

#2)  Schedule your workouts and stick to the plan.  Create a routine and don’t deviate from it.  the “play-by-ear people” are those who are least successful because there is always something that gets in the way of their workouts.  For most of us, there will never be a perfectly ideal time to exercise.  Just do it! ( it has to be a priority!)

#3)  Don’t go overboard with big goals before you even get started.  Get experience first.  The only thing that matters right now is just doing something.  If you exercise three times per week for about 20 minutes three weeks in a row, that would be a good start.  After you get into better shape, try to work out more frequently, adding a couple more days a week.  Then, start to make your workouts longer, increasing them to 30 minutes or even longer when you feel comfortable doing so.  Making your muscles, lungs, and heart work a little harder than usual is what you want.  It’s OK to feel a little tired, but do not exhaust yourself.  Please allow your body to adapt slowly and expect an adjustment phase of at least 6-8 weeks before you see results.  It’s important to be patient, so you do not become discouraged.

#4)  Never compare yourself to other people.  Live in your own world and measure your own progress without paying attention to others.

#5)  Do not worry about the way you look when you exercise.  If you are carrying some extra weight or have an awkward running motion, know that there are lots of people just like you.  Don’t worry about it!  I’m telling you this because being embarrassed or self-conscious keeps a lot of people from starting to exercise.  It is so important to accept who you are.  Wear comfortable clothing and good-quality shoes.  Having a nice workout outfit can make you feel better about your appearance.

One good resource for beginners is the website takethemagicstep.com.  It has excellent practical advise on how to get started and how to keep workouts fun.

Remember: No bailing out.  Keep your promise to yourself to exercise.  Those are the things that make you a winner.

This article was taken from Health Radar publication.  Written by Dieter Hogen, world renowned nutrition expert & Olympic athletic coach.  The comments in parenthesis are mine.

As I have said before in my previous blogs, you are never too old to get up and move.  Start easy and work your way up.  It’s very important that you are not sedentary (couch potato)!  That is never good for your health.  Come on get up!  You can do it!  I have faith in you!