August 10

Easy-to-do arm and upper body exercises

little lifter

Hi!  Everyone,

I have blogged about leg exercises before now, I guess it’s time for arm exercises.  All or most of these exercises can be done seated or standing, but remember if you do them standing please make sure that you have good balance or you use your opposite arm to hold on to a chair of cabinet or some other sturdy object.  None of these exercises will do you any good if you are falling in the floor!

Ok, let’s get started.

Let’s start with Biceps.anatYou know, the “look at my guns” muscle!

#1)  Biceps curls, with or without weights.  If you don’t have weights you can purchase many sizes of weights at or or most any other store that carries sports equipment.  Or if you don’t want to spend the $$ use a 16oz can of corn or beans!  That’s 1 pound!  But be careful don’t drop it on your toe.  That wouldn’t be fun!


Simply bend and flex at the elbows.  Remember to move slowly, up and down.  Make that muscle work, don’t use momentum to get the movement done.  Take your time, and remember to breath.  You can do this one seated if you prefer.

#2) Triceps kickbacks.


Kickback is exactly what is sounds like.  Kick that arm back and you should feel that in the back of your arm. You can rest the opposite hand on your knee as shown above or on a chair or bench that is solid.

#3)  Triceps press.


This one you should also feel in the back of your arm.  Keep those elbows close to your ears. You can do this one seated if you prefer.

#4) Deltoids or shoulders.


This will work the front deltoid (shoulder), raise only to shoulder level.  You can alternate as shown above or both at the same time.  If you alternate then you can concentrate on one at a time.  You can also do this one seated if you prefer.


This exercise hits the side of the shoulder.  Again raise only to shoulder level.  Slow and easy, don’t forget to breath!  This can also be done seated.

#5)  upright rows.


Works the overall deltoid (shoulder).  Simply lift the weight up and down, keeping your elbows high, bring up to chest level and then back down again.

#6)  Combination of biceps & deltoids.


Bend at elbow for biceps curl, then push straight up into shoulder press. Back to bent elbow and then straight down again.  Just reverse the movement.   Do this one as a separate exercise or replace it for your biceps curl exercise.

#7)  Total arm, chest, and back.  Push ups


The wall push up.  If you can’t get down on the floor (or can’t get up from the floor) this move is the next best thing.  This will be the same as a floor push up only on the wall.  Be sure to keep your back flat, your knees straight.  You should feel this in your arms, chest, back.  It is a good overall exercise.  If you can get down on the floor but can’t do the traditional push up try push ups on your knees.

push up

This position will work you arms (both biceps & triceps), chest, & back even more than wall push ups because you are pushing more of your body weight.  Remember to keep your back straight, core tight (tighten your stomach muscles, but remember to breath) bring your nose as close to the floor as you can and push yourself back up again.  If you are able do the traditional push up, with only toes and hands on floor do that.   This is the ultimate push up, you will really feel it in your chest, arms & back and it is a very good core exercise which is another blog some other time.

#8)  Circles.


This exercise seems so simple but if done right, will really work those shoulders.  First do small circles then do large circle.  With or without weights, will do the trick.

Ok, these are all the basic exercises to get you started on those beautiful arms.  Arms you will want to show off with sleeveless shirts.  Do the triceps exercises to help with that arm “jiggle”.  Tighten up those shoulders and biceps too!

When you first begin try doing the exercises without weight, until you feel comfortable with the movement, then add a light weight.  Do only 10 reps (repetitions) when 10 becomes easy do 20, if you can do 20 or 30 without a problem then add weight.  When you add weight go back to 10 or 20 reps.  You may not be able to do too many push ups in the beginning, so start with 1 or 2, then move up.  Remember to breath in on the easy part, out on the hard part.  Like for example on the push up, breath in on the way down, out on the way up.

We want to keep this simple, it should never feel overwhelming or too much like work.  Bleh!  Who wants that??  No one!  So pick some of these exercises and try them.

Don’t forget to get your doctors approval before starting!  Drink plenty of water!  Relax, breath and have fun.

Come on!  Get up off the couch and get moving! There’s no time for sitting!  I have faith in you!  You can do it!!